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Cityline Church

Feb 18, 2019

Sometimes life can feel like one big waiting game, life is on pause and isn’t going anywhere. You get an uncomfortable sense that maybe you have been forgotten. When life gets hard, it can feel like God is absent or apathetic, but is that really the case or does God have something more in store?

Lead Pastor Jack...

Feb 11, 2019

This is our last week in our series Make Room, which is all about clearing the clutter and our lives and Making Room for God. This week we look at 2 Kings 4:8-37 and how we can't make God move in our lives but we can make room for him to move. 

Lead Pastor Jack Anthony Sheets 

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Feb 4, 2019

This is Week 4 in our series called Make Room. This week we are talking about using the gifts and abilities that God has given us to impact the kingdom. 

Lead Pastor- Jack Anthony Sheets 

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Jan 28, 2019

This is our 3rd week in our series "Make Room" this week we talk about making room to help others. We look over the story in Mark 2 with the story of the paralyzed man and his friends who helped him. There are so many things that be obstacles and excuse from stopping us to help others and point them to Jesus, but God is...

Jan 22, 2019

This is week 2 in our series titled "Make Room" which all about clearing out the clutter in our lives and creating space for God. This week we are talking making room for healthy relationship in our lives. Pastor Jack gives helpful and practical steps to do that. 

Lead Pastor Jack Anthony Sheets 

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