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Cityline Church

Oct 7, 2019

How You Doin? No how are you Really doing? Often we say this phrase and ask this question but are not honest of what is going on underneath the surface. To take care of our self holistically we must realize that our soul is connected to ever part of ourself. Pastor Jack unpacks how we can have a healthy soul. 


Sep 30, 2019

Praying to God can feel a lot like wishful thinking. We know we should pray, but how? And when we pray, is God listening? Does He care? And if He already knows what we need, what is the point? It is important that we learn to make prayer a part of our everyday, by praying faithfilled prayers based on the truth of who we...

Sep 26, 2019

Prayer is amazing, confusing, difficult, mysterious and often a reflective response to life's challenges. Our frustrations with prayer are caused by our misconceptions about prayer. While it seems that we never become experts at prayer, we must never stop being students of prayer. Prayer is where God and human beings...

Sep 17, 2019

This is a special message from our Worship Weekend, where carve out time for intentional extended worship giving God thanks and praise! 

Lead Pastor Jack Anthony Sheets 

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Sep 9, 2019

This is the last week of our At Movies series with a message titled To Be Continued... Often times our life can feel like a movie but unlike a movie our story continues. The decisions that we make today determine the story that well tell tomorrow. Pastor Jack unpacks the importance of our story and helps us recognize...